ELA Standards

We've built over 300 research-based writing, grammar, and proofreading activities organized by the Common Core standards. We are a nonprofit organization, and all of our activities are and will always be free. Each of our activities takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Teachers using Quill in a 1:1 classroom tend to assign Quill activities as a warm up exercise at the beginning of a class or as a group activity with the whole class.

Review of Foundational Skills

Students learn to use apostrophes to form contractions and show possession in this teacher-led lesson.
Colons, Dashes, and Semicolons
Students learn to join sentences using colons, dashes, and semicolons in this teacher-led lesson.
Complex Sentences Overview
Students review how to write complex sentences with joining words in this teacher-led lesson.
Consistent Verb Tense
Students learn to write with consistent verb tense in this teacher-led lesson.
Correcting Fragments to Form Simple Sentences
Students learn to identify and correct basic fragments in this teacher-led lesson.
Lesson 1: Pronoun Number and Case Errors
Students learn to identify subject and object pronouns and correct common pronoun errors in this teacher-led lesson. This is lesson 1 of 2 in the pronoun lesson series.
Lesson 2: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
Students learn how to correct common pronoun-antecedent agreement errors. This is lesson 2 of 2 in the pronoun lesson series.
Pronoun Homophones
Students learn to use commonly confused words correctly in this teacher-led lesson.
Punctuating Quotations
Students learn to punctuate and capitalize quotations in this teacher-led lesson.