Teacher Perspectives

Gwen Beck, Covenant Christian School

42 students; 601 activities completed

My students enjoyed the challenges you gave them in Quill this year, and I am planning to continue using your program next year with my sixth-grade class. Not only did they get a review of grammar rules, but I could monitor their keyboarding prowess as well — a double win for me!

Beth Abramowich - Citrus Elementary School, Inverness, Florida

5th and 6th Grade ELA Teacher; 65 Students; 3,235 Activities Completed.

This is an amazing tool for my students and I want you to know I do appreciate it very much! Having to type the sentence PERFECTLY has really impacted my students' writing and has also helped them practice typing skills (which the state tests now require).

Stephanie Wieland - KIPP DC KEY Academy, Washington, DC

Special Education Coordinator & 7th Grade Special Education Teacher; 19 students; 440 activities completed

I started used Quill at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year as part of a technology research project for my school. Through that project, I learned what an exceptional program Quill is. Over the past two years, I have used Quill to teach and supplement grammar concepts in my 7th and 8th grade special education English classes. Students are eager to use the program and are quick to celebrate getting a "green square," denoting that they have passed an assigned skill. There are currently no other online programs that are available for grammar instruction that meet the quality of lessons and ease of use that Quill offers.

Emily Bellone - Windermere School, Ellington, Connecticut

6th Grade English Teacher; 25 students; 168 activities completed

As a sixth grade teacher, I find Quill extremely useful. I currently use it as a differentiated approach to teaching grammar. Signing students up for an account was easy. I was then able to give a pre-assessment to tell me where each student was and I used that data to break my class into different ability groups. Now with the new unit feature, I can assign several lessons to groups of students at a time and set deadlines for each assignment to be completed. Once students complete an assignment, I can see how they did to guide any of my own small group instruction.

Randall L. Carswell - South Charlotte Middle School, Charlotte, North Carolina

Gifted and 8th Grade ELA Teacher; 45 students; 2,606 activities completed

From North Carolina to Florida I have discovered, in a plethora of available programs, that Quill.org best meets my students grammar needs along with building a stronger sustained ability to closely read information in lieu of dangerous “skimming.” I appreciate the fact that students are required to slow down, check spelling, punctuation and the grammar lesson at hand in order to score “GREEN!” I am noticing a much better effort by my students in their other activities, whether it be writing or literature, they seem to pay closer attention leading to a stronger performance.